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Review: I saw the movie and my expectations were met. It's over-hyped, it is not out as far as marketing is concerned. It's probably a little more used to it though, but it can be ... Even today, there are the stories of the original story and the real 47 Ronin legend and historical inaccuracies in the film, though not enough, there appeared to be a fun watchI familiar as the old tales to create a more dramatic and interesting history. Man, as the film ends up being Frank Miller's graphic novel 300, comes to mind, it's wider than the real events that took place was inaccurate, but the 300 has to look more beautiful and interesting look. Most stories have decorations on them. Otherwise, they would be a little boring. In the real world, not just in this movie thatMaking just a cool story-telling, the warriors fighting for what they believe is the fastest While trying to keep them strong and generally do not look good. The graphics were great costume design was great, Filmography Japan, capturing the essence of the beautiful was fantastic. Colors, landscapes, trees, buildings and everything everything down. Not everyone will like this film, but I would recommend it to anyone who loves a good movie about Samurai. I thought this movie was a good story. It was not great or worthy of an Academy Award, but it was good. This is all non stop action. I honestly have thought to go to parts of without watching the creation of dullI did a good job, I felt like watching a live action anime. Not to mention, I saw the first trailer for filmOverall that I have an obsession with Samurai sold, Keanu Reeves, I had a good job, I thought the acting was good m. His character may be part of a true story, but the movie I thought it added a good thing for the film. First, it is a miserable Hiroyuki Sanada, who saluted and then fold in filmI operating liked it. I have a fantastic job, and I think we have all the actors. They all act like they really heard. No one feels out of date placeIf want to look historically accurate, I buy a book or research on the subject comes from the hardcore set. You just need a good, entertaining movie, full of mystery, action, and want to see Samurai. So this is a good way to go. It's like you it's just my opinion. Look before you criticize. I mean, it's all there!

Year: 2013
Genre: Action, Adventure, Fantasy
Director: Carl Rinsch
Starring: Keanu Reeves, Hiroyuki Sanada, Ko Shibasaki

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