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Review: Jack Reacher saw on Monday night at an advance screening. Heres some of my thoughts. It does not issue spoilers.First, Id say I agree with the general critical reception: 4/5 stars. For me, it's a solid film, which offers on the high side of the genre. Jack Reacher does not try to do something revolutionary, it's more the kind of action thriller audiences have seen for a while.This not Mission: Impossible or James Bond. Writer / director Christopher McQuarrie takes its inspiration from action films of the late 60s/early 70s as Dirty Harry (that's the name in a few reviews already checked) BULLITT (when hunting), and perhaps another Don Siegel film, CHARLEY Varrick. The excitement here is not in the top stunts or massive explosions. Like the action movies look just made sensation outwit a protagonist clearly present, overcome in battle and outsmart the bad guys.Which brings me to the character of Jack Reacher and the casting of Tom Cruise. In the series of novels by Lee Child This film is based on, Jack Reacher is an ex-MP detective. After a lifetime of military bases abroad, he lives like a tramp in the United States who hold to a life of zero obligations: no home, no job, no car, no possessions, no family. Oh, and he is 65 and weighs 250 lbs.Clearly Tom Cruise do not match the physical description. What does such a great figure in Childs Reacher book has much less to do with the outside than it does with his mind. If you read the series like me, it is a little strange in the beginning. However, as the movie is, I got more and more relaxed. This was certainly a film about Lee Childs hero Jack Reacher, physical differences are damned.Would I play on the screen? Unknown actor rather closer Childs description of Reacher Yes, of course. But I can say that about almost all the characters, and often do. I would usually strangers everything.Which where Cruises casting is a bit handy. Since its casting type provides a degree of checkout, this means that the filmmakers to take more risks. How crafting an action that the character and sometimes brutal violence and short on mindless action and impossible nonsense.JACK Reacher is more of a action thriller very satisfying for me. I felt it captured what I like about Lee Childs Jack Reacher thriller, and in particular. Id definitely recommend, and I'll see you again in the theater. That's for damn sure.

Year: 2012
Genre: Action, Crime, Thriller
Director: Christopher McQuarrie
Starring: Tom Cruise, Rosamund Pike, Richard Jenkins

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