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Kill Bill Vol. 1 2003 torrent

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Review: Many people came up to me and say how much you love Quentin, he is too extreme! or Come on, Kill Bill is not so realistic .. Yes No.Mr. Quentin Tarantino is a bit extreme, and its wonderful! And No. Kill Bill is not realistic, but it's not meant to be realistic! As ... The Lord of the Rings, this is not real! But there are clear elements of surreal, like magic, its acceptable? You will not see Kill Bill, or any other KT-movie to see the step-parent in the same way that you do not go to the concert of Marilyn Manson in the hope that they will throw some Spice Girls .. Kill Bill Volume 1 and 2 and it is absolutely gorgeous! The art direction is beautiful! The camera angles are perfect ... just gorgeous! Lighting, sound, dialogue ... and of course the details! No one works with small details put Quentin does. I must also say that the brilliant soundtrack and the whole film is so well cast! Uma Thurman is perfect in the lead role, Daryl Hannah has never been so good before, ever! And Chiaki Kuriiama, although a very small role, is excellent, even better than Battle Royale. David Carradine is the painfully perfect, Michael Madsen is always great, but never so well as when working with Tarantino. You have to say that Sony Chiba was great. I was never a big fan of Vivica A Fox so far, and I thought was Luci Liu common actor but turned out to be fierce. Who is much in this movie is ten times better than they've ever been.But above all, Kill Bill is artistic, beautiful ... Perfect color, perfect everything ... Must love him.

Year: 2003
Genre: Action, Crime
Director: Quentin Tarantino
Starring: Uma Thurman, David Carradine, Daryl Hannah

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