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Review: Anna (Felicity Jones) and Jacob (Anton Yelchin) are in love with each like crazy. Hence the title, like crazy. In, or want to be on growing-up? one where they act like adults and is only a part of each others lives. But they met each other in college and a stupid idea to make grown-up decisions forces that will affect the rest of their life faster than it would have been just crazy liked.Like relations. We watched as they fell in love, grow apart, find a middle way, and then try and select extreme. Anna is a writer and he is furniture builder. But life is so enkonsistant film is the way it was when it was just a movie relationship.The are very small in the story, the characters, the budget, and production. After that, it is what makes it so sweet. Made for just $ 250,000 and edited the chamber director, story and her movie passion.I found it to be very similar to Blue Valentine (2010), but perhaps not as influential? at least mine. Both played the positive reviews at Sundance last year collected nomination Blue Jury Prize, this year the jury has a crazy and director and actress Felicity Drake DOREMUS Jones.I first saw Felicity Jones last year plots Junction (2010). Playing this beautiful girl in a city where innocent innocent simply does not exist. In this crazy game as beautiful, old like young woman growing up in a world of love, but learn that might not know what is love after all.

Year: 2011
Genre: Drama, Romance
Director: Drake Doremus
Starring: Felicity Jones, Anton Yelchin, Jennifer Lawrence

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