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Review: I can not wait for the new Red Dawn comes out on video. Okay maybe Ill wait to hit Netflix. Either way will make a great drinking game. One rule? Every time you see or hear a battered click? or war trope, drink. You will get drunk 15 minutes into the film. On the up side, the rest of the movie would probably be better to of my friends who saw the movie with me summed up beautifully. OMG, is it really a new version. Until we actually started to watch the movie she maintain hope that they re-make the film, and set O as many problems as the first Red Dawn had.The original Red Dawn had their place. I remember seeing it when it came out. It had all the hot young actors of the day. His problem was not the actors, all of them were good actors, mostly when on a long successful career. I suspect that many of the actors in this movie will do the same. (Id tell who was in it, but I suspect that they are no longer in the hope that people forget that they were involved.) The problem was not even the concept. Everyone loves the underdog story and there is no more under-dog than a bunch of high schoolers who are trying to fight back against overwhelming odds. They could have handled the concept, can be generous and just say, much better. Their credit, the authors do not try to fill some of the plot holes for option remake.They has shifted from an agricultural town in Colorado to Spokane, who at least has air base and fired the missile silos that can make a strategic place if someone would invade the U.S.. They also made the point that the kids werent trying to beat the invaders, but acts as rebels, causing problems where they could.The new film that gives a nice training montage and lots of high quality explosions . The dialogue is unfortunately so painful to listen to, as it was in the first film. What a shame not to spend a little less on pyrotechnics and a little more about the script, but hey, it has a lot of stuff that blows up.BANG! POW! BLAST! And forget to drink up not because it is easy to say something extravagant. ;)

Year: 2012
Genre: Action, Thriller, War
Director: Dan Bradley
Starring: Chris Hemsworth, Isabel Lucas, Josh Hutcherson

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