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The Great Gatsby 2013 torrent

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Review: I saw this film is a kind of deliciously tender curiosity.It excessive and redundant, as expected from the production of Baz Luhrmann. Leonardo DiCaprio made his Gatsby (spor Old!) His keeping a sense of familiarity. The scenario is an adaptation faithful and even helped me understand some of the more obvious topics of the novel. And why do you think you hear dubstep during the Jazz Age to the game, the soundtrack worked very well.but I can not like it. And the (mostly) Tobey Maguires fault.Gatsby appear so great in the original story that it is not difficult to forget all about Nick. But it could be said, and often, that it was not Nick and Gatsby who is the protagonist of the novel. Fitgeralds history, Nicks said of the first-person point of view, is just as good as Nicks broadcast, Gatsby because Nick is just so great to see what way.Unfortunately, Maguire fell krejtë, especially flat in its role as a narrative guide. There are always so many other things going on and so many Luhrmanns beautiful scenery to absorb that Maguire seems to get lost at all. And? to? so did the viewers. Without a strong presence by Maguire, Nick down from the role as the interpreter of events has become just another character (and the one most relevant for that too). Luhrmann tried to keep Nicks frame narrative should tell you? first as a patient who speaks with a doctor at a sanatorium, then as the author tries to explain her grief through prose. But they found the scene (the best) explanation as hard or (at worst), as excited Maguires get a cut of the audiobook version of The Gatsby. Large wanted to love this movie. I really do. She has so many wonderful qualities. But without Nick (Tobey only) to help understand the people and events, anger, half in love with the {} it, and beyond the regular Sorry, I'm gone.

Year: 2013
Genre: Drama, Romance
Director: Baz Luhrmann
Starring: Leonardo DiCaprio, Carey Mulligan, Joel Edgerton

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