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Review: I was lucky enough to see this movie sooner than most. To me it seems that Anderson's real step naprzódz this. It's strange to me that after leaving the cinema is what I wonder most of all, what the heck is an umbrella ng will do next! He is not an easy film to sit through, and sometimes do not even know what movie he wanted. But you realize that the film has nothing to do. All is required is to follow. More than in the previous film, Master and There Will Be Blood actually engaged in the field of film in the form of an oral presentation of the full movie of life. Anderson did not pass any judgment or opinion, just stretched material allows his characters speak for themselves. Yes, there is a beginning, middle and an end, but there? We currently have a buzz at the end of There Will Be Blood? or simply to understand people a little better Anderson? confirmed, as I'm sure he said the same for this movie, There Will Be Blood, that is not a metaphor for anything. It is what it is. No hidden meanings, often has no effect and sophisticated rules. Just his people. How Hoffmans character says in the trailer for the Master - But most of all, I man.The film deals with an interesting idea lideróww compared to soldiers, slaves than gentlemen. Breaks down the structure of the compound, so can be interpreted in any way Youd like.Its nice shot on film 65/70mm This, as I see it and how I would recommend it to see if you get the chance. Anderson feels almost like fingers to the digital revolution by shooting his films in high definition, that such techniques Some can only dream to achieve in ten years or so.The and the voice acting is great, as you'd expect. Phoenix and Hoffman are on another level, especially here in Phoenix in the role of his life. There are definitely times in the film where completely disappeared in this role. There are also excellent support from Laura Dern and others.It would be very difficult to put the movie in my work with the body. More than anything I felt like a natural continuation of what began with There Will Be Blood. This does not mean that it will continue on this path, but it's only a movie is much more focused than some of his previous work populations. I think the less attractive than some of his other work, but I never get bored. You are always on their toes, trying to understand what is happening and where the film takes you. It really is just like a man, a fascinating piece of work.

Year: 2012
Genre: Drama
Director: Paul Thomas Anderson
Starring: Philip Seymour Hoffman, Joaquin Phoenix, Amy Adams

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