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The Social Network 2010 torrent

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Review: When I first heard that David Fincher made a film in the networking site Facebook, I was very skeptical. This need not be. Fincher took Aaron Sorkins script clever brilliantly and turned to see a movie now best and worst The technology is based on the social network first life.The scene is brilliantly written and perform Now set the mood Fincher and Sorkin need For the rest of the film. The film is seen as a progression of how Mark Zuckerberg the website of the world famous beginning. Now, I know a lot of the movie is exaggerated or invented, but it does not important. Sorkin and Fincher brought us a really interesting character, who played brilliantly by Jesse Eisenberg . Eisenberg is one of the best young time, and while he mostly done comedy until now, its role requires more attention subtleties and nuances of character to move along. Last year, Eisenberg has shown that he can create some of the most likable characters In films like Zombieland and divided, and this year proved that we can actually create a lot of flaws and contempt, still beautiful nature as we can or Can complete disgust. This is a real credit to his talent. Andrew Garfield is not equal in practice, and he was a real star character Eisenbergs. rest of the cast are all fine, including Justin Timberlake, who suggests found over the years that actually can carry a good impression. This is another film may be different than Finchers other films, including crime pretty all / thriller and fantasy (Benjamin Button), but I think he can leave his mark on to the movie. Rather it very seriously that the film was found. cinematography Also very impressive, but not pretentious, and are more interested in focusing on the real movie. Finally, the social network is a very hard film to dislike. However, I know it is kind of easy entertaining, but the movie forget that many (Including me) expected a few months ago. It is deeper, more meaningful, but it can not hit a nerve with viewers all, including young people who just want to see the movie Facebook. Think of social networks are very similar to last year in the air. Both are conflicts about communication people in the modern world, and can be seen as a perfect example of what life in the 21st century looks like. Social networking is more contact we have with others, and it makes you feel Long and loneliness that can come with it. It is David Finchers best ever.

Year: 2010
Genre: Biography, Drama
Director: David Fincher
Starring: Jesse Eisenberg, Andrew Garfield, Justin Timberlake

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