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Review: I attended a screening review of this film will enjoy London.If Richard Curtis (writer, director) previous as Four Weddings and a Funeral, Notting Hill and Love Actually then you'll probably enjoy the sweet time travel comedy drama with a sense ironically time travel felt this before.But, that more of the same feeling bad, thanks mainly to the excellent performances of the cast and more importantly, to implement its sleek new spin, time travel plot device. Indeed, travel time here in abundance and lots of fun as usual busy with incentives, but resourcefulness of our main character, a stereotypical loser plays with absolute charm and goofiness of Domhall Gleeson. His use of force is very useful sometimes funny, but not the type, it will change your past advance moral message. Most of the time travel movies, change events in the past are usually painted as a negative response, but here, for the most part, the film ultimately promoting benefits. The premise of time travel, there are some specific rules that better serve the story, but if you think too careful in some scenes you can find some flaws minutes to act give cause and effect, which could be more neatly if additional attention. The moral message, but will have to wait until the end to get what it is because it is not as obvious as the film rolls. You may suspect that things will happen in some respects, while watching the movie, but they do not and you may be wondering what the story, but let's roll and then the whole point comes at the end. However, in anticipation of the end leads to my first little criticism. This movie clocks in just over 2 hours and feeling a bit too long. There are quite a few points in the film and I feel it could have been more modest. I think it may have been for at least 10 minutes shorter.There hefty Richard Curtiss familiar faces from the previous films made guest appearances with the always amazing Bill Nighy deserving anchor supporting role with his presence high quality normal. Its also nice to see one of our greatest British actors hero who died recently made a surprise appearance and maybe a little weird for the last time ... or whether the filmmakers will travel back in time to shoot his part? Rachel McAdams great as the love interest and believable as a woman treated for time value. Im not a big fan of the previous films, Richard Curtis, but this film is swimming with so much charm, the vagaries of the English middle class, romance and wonderful pace gently flowing at a steady rate from beginning to end. This is not a riotous comedy, not excited, or adventure or even any suspense movie that pulls to the final act. His journey through life during our passengers, sometimes funny, charming, poignant with time travel premise is very clever and enjoyable. There certainly is a great date movie too.8/10

Year: 2013
Genre: Drama, Fantasy, Romance
Director: Richard Curtis
Starring: Domhnall Gleeson, Rachel McAdams, Bill Nighy

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