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Ninja Shadow of a Tear 2013 torrent

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Review: This saw early on the Fantastic Fest in Austin, Texas, and is very likely the largest DTV action movie of all time made.Though many would not be proud, but I'm DTV (direct to video) expert. I'm just nice to submission?? I DTV action movie of all time. Although most of them just absolutely horrible, it's everything it's worth, when Unisol de?? or blood and bone in?? Li and blow you away.The main this?? problems with DTV movies: 1 Zero-Budget-second Shaky CAM / edits quick 3 player is not willing to put in the work for the fight scenes look realistic 4 Stupid stupid plot romancesThough Ninja shadow tear on the budget, all of the above questions?? Making classes?? Single. The film is entirely without shaky cam and fast processing. The story is very simple and is not thick, to try and that is something other than what it is .... The amazing action movie. And finally, Scott Adkins amazing and incredible stunt team put in some amazing fights.One scene in particular, Scott Adkins, compared with 6 guys in the dojo and the entire fight in one take with zero editing filmed ... as Alphonso Cauron DTV recordings. It was absolutely amazing amazing.Just fight film most?? I fight scenes and it always takes me?? Az Rambo old cannon films from the '80s and Enter the Dragon and other Asian or movies from the 70s. Just a perfect movie, which looks like a big budget Hollywood movie. Not a single dollar has been in vain and were used not stupid or CGI?? Ice. You can recommend this film enough. It?? Ba is amazing, and all came together to make one of the most??'s War-fighting movies of all time. Hollywood, please wake up and put Adkins / Florence budget and I think you're amazing, you can do.If would look to see other great films and DTV for?? Protect yourself effort, all nonsense and rubbish, I saw, check the following. Most importantly, check out the ninja shadow of tears when published. It's definitely purchase the Blu-ray me.1. Universal Soldier Regeneration 2 In the Shadow of the Ninja?? 3 nailing blood and bone fourth Undisputed 3 5 Wake of Death (pretty much all Van Damme is watchable) Undisputed 2 6 7 Universal Soldier Day of Reckoning (only the last 45 minutes)

Year: 2013
Genre: Action, Crime, Thriller
Director: Isaac Florentine
Starring: Scott Adkins, Ron Smoorenburg, Vithaya Pansringarm

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