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Review: RED? Catch (B +) Red are completely justified his slogan-Extreme-Retired dangerous. The whole movie plays really great, funny and smart. In recent times the films Bruce Williss be very arrogant and does not mean even a terrible action, drama and comedy. RED has slowed since the beginning and the opening sequence phone chat between Bruce Willis and Mary-Louise Parker gives a lot of depth and characterization. So it is a non-stop roller coaster ride and we will meet many interesting characters one by one. Now let's talk about a great actor who really makes the film work because no one expected. Bruce Willis is the best in RED, I think that after Die Hard action franchise finally has another Bruce Willis action franchise, which may be preceded further. Bruces unusual intelligence, Sharp action moves to make the experience really interesting. Believe! Watching Bruce Willis out of the worst speed moving car just does not make sense. You have to watch this scene to believe it! Mary-Louise Parker is very interesting after watching his side colorful / funny weed about 4, 5 years, but so much fun to see it on Big Star studded movie with crazy and demeanor of witnesses. It's really fun to watch the chemistry between Bruce Willis and Mary-Louise Parker of. John Malkovich is funny, I did not know people could be so funny, moving his dialogues, with the whole thing, and he almost stole the scene when he is on screen. Morgan Freeman is the slowest of them all the jokes I think he did a pretty good job in a small role. Finally, we are introduced to Dame Helen Mirren, who just stole the show seriously watch term as machine gun fire crackers incredible. He brings extraordinary charisma of RED team. Young cast of the film is a promising actor Karl Urban, tuxedo he makes his move like 007 and he gave most of the RED team finish, the best thing about Karl Urban is that he brings freshness to the film. Brian Cox, Richard Dreyfuss and Julian McMohan good. Overall a fun way that there is no need to miss out on the opportunity. Watch it at first!

Year: 2010
Genre: Action, Comedy, Crime
Director: Robert Schwentke
Starring: Bruce Willis, Helen Mirren, Morgan Freeman

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