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Review: The Host intriguing conceit. It's about a post-apocalypse where foreigners take control of every human body when unpossessed other people are afraid of them, even if these foreigners want only peace. The story may have an idea that people could be the real enemy here, or just two. Top Sci-Fi bits are quite interesting, but it does not end there. Its based on a young adult novel will definitely have teenage hormones scattered light. It has romance, which is suppose to save his world and change your life, but enough once, just like any other young adult romance film is nothing more than a bunch of good looking people fall in love and make romantic cliche? things. Love can be a problem for these stories, but this romance is terribly empty. They are just doing and saying ridiculous cheese lines. It would be a fascinating idea, but it just can not run away from the typical teenager angst.It which recently young adult novel based film, hot bodies, with the exception of the antagonists in the host is virtuous rather than predatory monsters. It appears that both stories have the same moral. People are not the most peaceful creatures, or perhaps order and mentality of both sides is why they could not get along. When he goes romance, she says Melanie Wanda love between boys might rebel worlds their condition. However, it deviates from the plot gives us lousily said history and romance. Mostly romance. It is worth noting that most of their love just rely on their lips. Which means that they kissed a lot. We do not know much about why they care about each other, besides being one of the last ordinary people in their age. It is also full of plot holes, because he realized that he wanted to appeal to teenagers infinite love that is not even working. It was directed by Andrew Niccol, who is a little Sci-Fi expert, but it looks like he is afraid that too many sci-fi romance may disappoint the kids. He could be indulgent.The film has a solid cast, but not all of them remarkable. Saoirse Ronan plays two roles here, and it fills my heart enough of both characters. Diane Kruger looks like she likes to play the villain movies. Roles of Max Irons and Jake Abel seems to be designed only for kiss, chic and sometimes choking, leaving William Hurt is the only kind gentleman script picture.The explains some concepts that are better this way, Although the plot holes but it gets terrible romance. There are dialogues that can get out of control, you end up being fun. Even more amusing is a scene where the protagonist tries to wake her up by the subconscious kiss his girlfriend. I do not know if I should blame anyone for it. I mean, what choice has she? However, it is ridiculous. The film is the least impressive. He gets to discover something amazing about. Outwardly they serve many intrigues of his world. It has a shiny cars and helicopters. Most of the action is well shot, even if the action itself is not that interesting, but everything in the film looks good.The Host is not interesting enough. This topic talks about peace and stuff. Well, can you make peace with love, but the film shows just kiss and I think it is more in love than just drawing. Hormones can be a perfect getaway for teens. An apocalyptic world the relationship between the great pairs great with fast cars break down on the road. But history seems to offer more. Again, they are not able to show it because the only fan service adaptations of teen books is to track each sequence from the book, because I love the comparison. Too bad they could also show what behind the words too. The host country is the latest victim of a generic adaptation of young adult movie that does not know much about the meaning of history, and to get rid of the most boring of all romances.

Year: 2013
Genre: Adventure, Romance, Sci-Fi
Director: Andrew Niccol
Starring: Saoirse Ronan, Max Irons, Jake Abel

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