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Winters Bone 2010 torrent

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Review: This film tells the sad story of pure, impoverished, Missouri Ozark hillbillies trying to make a living in poor soils and active even worse staff, so it was a miracle methamphetamine production was seen as a center of Income from change of life, which had the potential illegal to change their lives for better. His poor life before Matt had a certain dignity in a difficult to survival in an indifferent world that passed or never allowed them to catch up, one or both, but the production of cheap drug battle and dangerous led to rapid money, but risky having these unfortunate the way certainly few would choose if they had the opportunity to advance to see any of the personal and social damage created in a society already at high risk for decent survival. Too bad he was shown and acted brilliantly, since these people have pushed risk further down the chain of life than before, and certainly even less than wild animals, they had to kill the food.A young 17 year old girl, and looked older than he is beaten and beaten down, careful with those around you, but they need your help, and with two young brothers and han irmãse , and unable to take care of, she discovers that her decisions drug addict father disappeared missed a court date for a drug arrest, and the most important of his life, the task then became to find her father before he lost his little house guarantors, as my home place was all he had in the world, but it was at home and she want with all your Heart and soul to do whatever it takes to keep her family together and. Acting through was appropriate deadly serious, with barely even smile to see, and let's rarely used grateful for what we give our lives to those in story.Such dark and sinister task had a daughter, the damage immediately threaten every corner, she turned and behind every door, she knocked, even those relatives. Determination can not get far, but only so far unless you get some breaks, and a long search for a decent break was what kept the spectators eyes glued to the screen until all played at the end as can be expected in this difficult situation. Bleak, austere, harsh, mean, cruel ... All these heavy adjectives were present in full force during their search, but this was his eternal fire of the human spirit and duty of the family, he would never leave. When true survival is at stake, this story showed that some of us can actually find the right things to survive better when there is choice possible.

Year: 2010
Genre: Drama
Director: Debra Granik
Starring: Jennifer Lawrence, John Hawkes, Garret Dillahunt

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