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Review: At the turn of thousands?? Th anniversary of the technology began to get bigger and better. The film begins in a way that was never anticipated, but it was the actor. After watching Robert Zemeckis Forrest Gump in 1994, I thought I saw in the drama, but it was apparently the only beginning.Tom Hanks (Big, Forrest Gump) stars Oscar nominated for her performance as Chuck Noland, and FedEx executive, where? ? are trapped on an isolated island by plane stunned?'s crash.When researching the background of?? o movie, I was surprised to see that Russell Crowe defeated Hanks Oscar 2,001th As good as Crowe in Gladiator, I personally think that Hank was the most sensational performances of his career?? Here. Hanks N. Noland is truly remarkable. It comfortably at home and industrious CEO and long time girlfriend Kelly (Helen Hunt), were separately?? BW ratio da?? ADOS conditions. Changes in characters allowed Hanks to express their thoughts all the possible actions, Vin?? fell into a deep deep in the soul of nature. It is a true battle of intelligence?? Anas and man-power Hanks is not as well supported?? Inate the part?? S scenes they?? S happened to me and it is such a powerful role, and does it well competitors lòtl " , Oscar wins.The text semiotics is significantly important. After Vin?? left the wreckage of the plane with only part?? s materials, Noland built itself around what the VIN?? can save?? ana and no one is more recognized for Wilson. Volleyball quietly disposed of were coded so Hanks could use dialogue to express their thoughts, prepared traumatic emotions.The it was interesting using the da?? Leather scene. The plane crash is very dramatic and beautiful scenes re?? Director Zemeckis and?? Au?? Ana on the island, when Hank is alone and wandering what to do, it is quiet and cool?? Ana, justify drama genre.The beautiful islands conflict a drastic situation, the truth incentive.The beautiful finish is also miracles? Kigio because it opens the way for many possibilitiesa stitches??'s film

Year: 2000
Genre: Adventure, Drama
Director: Robert Zemeckis
Starring: Tom Hanks, Helen Hunt, Paul Sanchez

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