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Review: When I heard that the movie is about the character of Thor I had serious problems with the approach. When I heard that Kenneth Branagh is to manage it, I was even more excitement is due to the fact that it was Branagh, but the fact that all hes ever been focused on dramas.Going Theatre also very low expectations for?? O film and Man, I was blown away. I like the fact that Branagh even come close to the story as a super-hero movie, but Shakespearing epic. Pa?? S fantasy elements were marvelous.Anthony Hopkins Odin IS ... I can not imaging?? Anas another actor depicting him. His performance as Odin reflects the nature and substance of the delicate balance ruler articles father. VIN?? radiating power with a subtle touch of vulnerability.Chris Hemsworth as Thor is excellent. Hes got?? Skin likability about him is that even the most arrogant Thors a story, you can see how his friends stand by him. Its performance is rock solid and very enjoyable. Tom Hiddleston is Loki perfect. Hes captured superficial, sleazy, beautiful face, but looking for a place to drive the knife back natural character.As I mentioned above??, The story goes more than a fantasy epic than dyed wool super-hero story. A trip to Jotenheim was huge and Asgard itself was just beautiful to look at. Sets were great. Humor in the film is very organic and never had to. The story itself is very well balanced and not leave wondering what the hell is going on. Mainly I want to keep it they'd be removed from the upcoming Marvel movies. It works very well as a stand alone effect epic.The what I expected, it is of improper?? S, in fact, was top notch, and even Thor trade knows MKA spinning?? Anas hammer comic looked as stylish as it could be. ?? Ī film is a gem. All interested parties should be proud of themselves bring so much work on the screen. I for one can not wait to see continue?? O movie. With a bit of luck and see da?? As nine other areas, such as Muspelheim, Alfheim or even Vanaheim.This definitely a must-see movie

Year: 2011
Genre: Action, Adventure, Fantasy
Director: Kenneth Branagh
Starring: Chris Hemsworth, Anthony Hopkins, Natalie Portman

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