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300 2006 torrent

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Review: This film is not for everyone. What about a lot of movies in general, of course, but this brings up a point particularly critical clash, what we see in our films? What is more important to portray the fictional scenario to give people amazing visual experience or entertain and amaze with plot twists and clever clever dialogue? First lets analyze this film made. Basically, this is just an epic fight scene after another. Most notable is the camera work and visual effects. Every shot looks like it was supposed to be a work of art. The colors, the characters, costumes, backgrounds ... Every detail has been given much attention. During the great battles also will notice immediately that the only issue. There is plenty of time to slow down battles that show what is happening. Fatal wounds which slowly filtered blood spray in the air, decapitated heads traveling in slow motion across the screen ... all there. History on the other side is not very difficult, in the sense that the whole film could probably be described in two sentences. Dialogues are simple and speak of moral values, freedom and honor. If you look at the script, as you will probably see another film that has nothing more to offer then the idealistic vision of how life should be.Reviewers this title seems to be divided into two groups. Or calling it a passionate love epic movies of the 21st century, or hate moreand still throw like a piece of trash, which is a senseless action and silly clichés? sentences. I am reluctant to take a position in this debate. Usually it is tolerant to weigh both sides of this issue will lead to a fair trial on the film. Not this. On the one hand, of course, visible among the best to see in the cinema. Every detail, every shot, every special effect created scenes as mindblowingly amazing. On the other side of the story and dialogues of the simplest and downright silly class. I fight for freedom! I'd rather die in honor then live in shame! Does this sound familiar? Of course, it could be argued that this film was never intended in the first place to have a unique story to dizzy. But from an objective point of view, is still lacking in this department, so be noted.Now then great and all, but that does not make it a movie? I must see? I think so. For me the good outweighs the bad by a mile. From the second movie started he grabbed me and would not let go. Every fight, every scene of the film was on the tip of my chair. Everything from the strong performance of the stunning visuals military soldiers shouting was so terrible ... It was really wonderful experience.I even for a moment felt that the film lacked nothing. But I could not understand why other people did.So Sherry deal.If easily impressed by the beautiful scenery, excellent camera work and powerful performance edition and then go watch. Right. Today. You'll lose if you do not. There is so much to see, so how power in this comic translated to the big screen ... Itll awe.However you left, looking for a good story, clever plot twists, some innovation in the world of film, avoid this. 300 does not contain anything about it and does not want to give you this. I liked this movie a lot, but I know there are people who will like crap, and it's clear. Just make a decision about what you want to see when you go to the theater rather than engage in self-polarization tons of comments this site has to offer.

Year: 2006
Genre: Action, Fantasy, History
Director: Zack Snyder
Starring: Gerard Butler, Lena Headey, David Wenham

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