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Review: First impressions of the book, movie, game, music, etc., sometimes ruthless. Sometimes I check in my opinion, such work over time. Av? When, I'm sure? E not going to change your opinion on time in full brilliance,? E'm completely bowled. It's not only one of the best? Their films I've seen lately. One of the best? Them what I've seen. Yes, I think? E time is a romantic comedy good.About variability? Andthe love life. Funny,? Ikovný, smart and very funny. But is it possible? But surprising depth to the film. Central relationship between film Tim (Domnhall Gleeson), a young lawyer? Ijúci in London, and his father (Bill Nighy), who? Lives in Tim's mother (Lindsay Duncan) in Cornwall. Tim's father is able to travel through time. Can not he? E change history, when? E, but turn around Ex? Concealed and incidents on their own? Life, and change their outcomes. Tim inherited this ability from his father (a gift that apparently inherited his family oldalán). Use? Iva improve it? Your love it? Life. Build a strong bond, Apoula? IMPORTANT young family of Mary (Rachel McAdams). But soon they realize? Can not e? E protect exceptional gift hullámvölgyöna normal family? Life. In fact, one of the most moving scenes in the film (and? E there are many) are talking about Tim with his father, when he learned? E that had cancer. The performances, the script, direction andthe soundtrack is top-notch. Humor is excellent. There is a very funny scene in which Tim nervously meeting with potential in-laws for the first time, and blurt confession? E he and Mary were not practicing oral sex. There is the? lots of fun sex scenes. The soundtrack includes music by The Cure, Amy Winehouse Minster Nick Cave. In fact, priority Cave song into his arms, form a pattern of themes displayed in the movie, and get separately? Tne recognition Tim's father while dealing with funeral arrangements is Tim. The time is very watchable, intelligent and witty film that is so easy to get from Minster mawkishness sentimentality. But it is not. This is a great movie that gives viewers mind many dif? Ie important? Itých questions? Life, love Apoula? IMPORTANT loyalty. Do not go and see it. 10/10.

Year: 2013
Genre: Comedy, Drama, Sci-Fi
Director: Richard Curtis
Starring: Domhnall Gleeson, Rachel McAdams, Bill Nighy

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