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Review: Sylvester Stallone must really love boxing. After returning to the Rocky films this past decade, he once again enters the ring in a grudge match. But the right thing here is that it is a kind of mocking them. Instead of trying to play younger boxer who would not have to be realistic in his age, he plays a retired boxer who really old this time around.The story focuses on the rivalry between two boxers who fought each other several times before 30 years, gaining a head fight. Naturally, the situation requires a rubber match to decide the true winner. But it never happened. Hostility remains between two boys three decades later, however. Stallone plays Henry crisp and Robert De Niro plays Billy The Kid McDonnen. When the two arrive at both room computer simulated game that will use their similarities, they engage in a fight that soon goes viral for all the world to see. This stimulates the desire to see the two in the ring together again again.Kevin Hart plays high sponsor of the mouth that puts the fight. He plays the same type of character he always plays, but very funny nonetheless. The same goes for the funny Alan Arkin as Stallones coach who also plays the same type of character he always does. Well there's nothing really unique movie, but it is not very serious and this is a good type of thing. Focuses on the most ridiculous, but also adds some depth to the characters when it shows the struggles they have in their personal lives. It's part of the reason they agree to do battle ... intentionally both still have each other after all these years. Some of the jokes may be lame sometimes, but there are some good zingers here and there to watch two old guys mock another. And the fight at the end of the film is well done and worth the wait.

Year: 2013
Genre: Comedy, Sport
Director: Peter Segal
Starring: Robert De Niro, Sylvester Stallone, Kim Basinger

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