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Hot Fuzz 2007 torrent

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Review: Shaun of the Dead was probably one of the funniest (if not the best) British black comedy that has already been released in 2004. With gritty violence that made you move, innocent humor (Nick Frost) with slanderous insults that just made you laugh out loud, and fast white Simon Pegg with a pair of big fun and horror mixed, Hot Fuzz has a major task of the competition the naked greatness that was Shaun of the Dead.After very excited excitement about seeing the teaser trailers for Hot Fuzz last year, my stomach turns as if to say God damn last, a movie that I can look after the new year ! I felt as if they are the best, however, to go with an open-neutral thought, if I do not want to spoil the film with high expectations.I actually started to get worried, in the first segment of the movie humor was not as sharp as SOTDs first 20 minutes, and there are to remember, most of whom do not make sense for a while. many characters It was not until Nick Frost set - that the film starts up its momentum and then decided to grab me by the throat. The film of Dan was so funny, full of action, gruesome and dark! Just do not expect anything to SOTD was made as large. The spontaneous action and humor only the films pace fantastic return on track.The great thing about Hot Fuzz was just how original it was, and the end (no spoilers here) only have themselves the stamp of most Exciting & Fun ends in UK Comedy. The mystery and murder factor is well done, well, let me guess what it is all the way through the film, but as with SOTD, dark and grotesque violence maintains its mature rating of 15, very tasty, but still looking. Many toll I recommend this movie for anyone who just wants a good laugh and love simple large black comedies. If you'd love Shaun of the Dead is, you will love this film. Just go with an open mind and have fun. Definitely worth the? 6.50 (and? 15 when it comes out on DVD)!

Year: 2007
Genre: Action, Comedy
Director: Edgar Wright
Starring: Simon Pegg, Nick Frost, Martin Freeman

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