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Review: For the film to be even better decâto good book is no small feat. But that's how I felt after watching this film. It is really impressive to me. One reason is the fantastic cinematography. Man, this is a beautifully filmed, and 142 minutes, there are many good scenes admire.Sean Penn directed and Eddie Gautier was the director of photography. Penn does not a person, but a fair-is-fair, and I think it's great because the director, who saw their work as collateral and the Crossing Guard. Lead actor Emile Hirsch, who plays Chris McCandless (aka Alexander Supertramp reminded me of Leonardo DiCaprio, his looks, build, and voice inflection. He is very believable as the young man who wants nothing to do with society's materialistic dreams live. Alaskan wilds of the problem was that he was not ready and underestimated what he was up to against.Two people who fascinated me the most were here two extreme Age-wise -., Hal Holbrook, and Kristen Stewart was nice to see a veteran in Holbrook (Ron France) again. He was about 82 when he made this movie, and did not act in his movie n years. was a very well- . He had some of the most memorable scenes in the story. Meanwhile, Stewart was an exciting teenager Tracy Tatro, who was in love with Alex. This TA, Nara is going Dierker and Catherine Keener was also very stardom.Brian Interestingly, two of the aging hippie, Rainey, and January was wondering, I know it's what you listen to the voice of Jeff Bridges Dierkers eventually guessing all the beard .... but Dierker, a man who rarely act films.Knowing book, one movie, which is to be caught in the guard was a young Swedish couple. they do not remember the book III, but never forget that this movie! can discuss the pros and Chris McCandless cons of hours, there is no point going into it here. thought the movie was pretty nice to him. "read more in the book, how many people are hurt by his silence. anyway aa fascinating story, and a beautiful film .

Year: 2007
Genre: Adventure, Biography, Drama
Director: Sean Penn
Starring: Emile Hirsch, Vince Vaughn, Catherine Keener

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