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Review: How about these innovations. Although it has novelty value. The audio track is a film director and the crew do everything they can to make. So, this movie does not suck? Well, the script is too often banal, trivial to do so poorly casted only you know what you are doing. From time to time the version is weak, so that argument does not move properly, and thus the narrative, which is, frankly, terrible. Oh, and the sound of it, this film some frighteningly O., Ben and Chon in awful.The the three main characters are not taken, the actor is pocketing a large amount of money for nothing. They will be able to understand what was going on, except when the distance from the film, a large part of the real actors. Can be practical? While it is most clear when the script is filled with awe of the actors actually make unnecessary words. subtle, and not what the script, it is a pity because the story line of the film is supposed to be worth a vicious better.The - Savage, get it? - But when the actors are too nasty, unpleasant and nasty red unless you have the ability to do, and Lado (Del Toro), Dennis (Travolta) and Lena (Hayek) to handle well. When you change the type to do something like clothes or doing something different, but they can not seem to Action! So why has the feckless Threesome anywhere near it. Perhaps the producers of the film can be a real actor, but the rest of the damage instead.Interesting.

Year: 2012
Genre: Adventure, Crime, Drama
Director: Oliver Stone
Starring: Aaron Taylor-Johnson, Taylor Kitsch, Blake Lively

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