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The Lord of the Rings The Fellowship of the Ring 2001 Eng Torrent



The Lord of the Rings The Fellowship of the Ring 2001 torrent

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Review: The reason for this first part of Jacksons Lord of the Rings is superior to his last two parts, due to restrictions. Jackson was arrested decâto do with CGI and epic battle sequences, which in my opinion are not epic story. Part of the reason is simply that Tolkien did not have a lot of fight in the first part of his book, which forced Fortunately Jackson to focus on creating a believable world, not reliable action movie.I hack -n-slash not find a lot of entertainment watching people distort each other, but I like the movie engages me in the world, and Fellowship of the Ring does just that. Of course, the most impressive scenes in the film are patient observation time when the camera pans around and see the beautiful settings of the Earth Middle East. You have to give Jackson credit. He hired some very extraordinary artists who have imagined one of the finest interpretations of Tolkien world.The is about five specific moments that stick in my mind and gave me shivers down my spine thrill I saw it for the first time. The first is an introduction to Hobbiton. After a little strange prologue, I began to have doubts as to whether the film will live up to the book. But the film surprised me. Hobbiton is perfect. The house is the patch of flowers and old fences, roads look worn and made a trip through the decades, and Old Mill is back in the quiet town of laziness. Each color is vibrant and looks at every moment, because she was taken out of the picture book. Although I still dont agree with the special appearance of hobbits, I think all that is worthy of Tolkien's Hobbiton words.The second Rivendell Frodo comes after awakening, and thirdly, the classroom time Moria. In both cases, the camera away from the characters and exporting a static shot of the surroundings. Moments make us feel like we were turning your head and looking at the world around us, as do the characters. Gold Falls City Elf marks an interesting contrast with the dark halls of undeveloped mine, but each is inspiring in its own way, and adds to the feeling of being engaged with life world.My other favorite moments come during the study Lothlorien and passing down Anduin. And while I will not go into detail about the scene, as indeed are experienced, no expectations, they are monuments of imaginative cinema. Fellowship of the Ring is one of those rare films that I always like the first time we could thrills. Unfortunately, Jackson has returned to Middle Earth to explore the following two movies, and instead turned to fighting and war. He seems to take a lot of pride in romance and battle sequences he created two towers and return of the king, but this was his first film, when really took it correctly. The Fellowship of the Ring, it is better if the characters are uninteresting and silly dialogue. Earth Middle East is the star, and the heroes are those who see for the first time.

Year: 2001
Genre: Action, Adventure, Fantasy
Director: Peter Jackson
Starring: Elijah Wood, Ian McKellen, Orlando Bloom

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