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Review: Top Gun I have enough character development, the plot is simple, and the kids had read the reviews about the lack of technical and non-precision can not believe ... Freegin give a break! The film was made to look cool, cool sound and cool. Well, okay, the MiG-28, F-5 did the Tigers, Ive read a section of inconsistencies. And the height of Tom Cruise. And it goes supersonic Maverick - I'll be there in 30 seconds, and then the laws of physics, covering the carrier's 200 or so kilometers to prevent it. Regardless! So what! Top Gun, to be accurate and true to life in every way, tried, such as Courage Under Fire will be oh-so-serious film. Heres some examples of what I mean: 1 - What's the best way to avoid cannon fire? Chic to barrel. Problem Solving 2 - MiG pilots tinted visors. There's no good guys. Go Figure25 - Russian planes actually gray or green. MiG 28s black. In Cats are ... Yes, you guessed it ... white! Well against Evil3 - Modern air-air combat among aircraft, usually at a distance of tens of kilometers from the fighting. Top Gun spitting distance from the era of World War tactics4 uses very cold - very close to them for the missiles. Im switching to guns! Enough said5 - fuming at air traffic control officer gets knocked the guy with the coffee. We never see enough of him. Classic6 - even the edited TV version is a few steps above the normal chilled. ... Cargo plane [edit] you'll fly ... Hong Kong 7 - Iceman says Incidentally, Mayday, Mavs are in trouble. Flat spin, and he's heading to sea8 - onceTop Gun Top Gun F-word, without PG rating in 1986 was preserved gracefully. Here in 1986. Seventeen years ago. He shook ... breed now. Just watch it and have fun.

Year: 1986
Genre: Action, Drama, Romance
Director: Tony Scott
Starring: Tom Cruise, Tim Robbins, Kelly McGillis

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